Adelwolf PMS

The main goal in designing my unique pet enclosures was to provide pets access to the outdoors any time they want to, especially if their owners live in the city or are renting. 

My Lanais are fastened with my patent pending Off-set Foundation on the inside of the house below a window and can be moved to different locations in the house or taken with you if and when you move, leaving little patch work. 

Entry to the Lanai is through the window pane as is the transfer of load from the Lanai. There are several methods to choose from, providing the means to transfer load and pets. Existing conditions at the windows and material chosen to provide access to the lanais present the bulk of the variable costs.​

Pets that are at home alone all day while their owners are at work will love having a way to go outdoors and interact with all the street activities. I found that pets that are not left alone all day go in and out of the lanai all day as well.

​The Lanais are build using four basic materials: PVC Pipes and fittings, PVC coated 1/2" wire mesh, Indoor-outdoor carpeting of various colors and  plastic electrical fastener straps of various colors. Plastic sheets of various colors are used to provide a dry area or areas for your pets for various purposes. 

The use of indoor-outdoor carpeting provides safety, protection and aesthetics. It also allows for individuality and variety of design.

Tommy, the cat nextdoor, visiting Sam in the morning. 

​​​​Shadow going back into the house through the pet door in the window pane.