The cost of Pet and Garden Lanais are influenced by existing conditions​​. A vertical sliding window called single hung, is the most ideal condition and could lead to a 5' wide by 4' high by 22" deep Pet Lanai or Garden Lanai for as low as $700.00 installed.

However, no mater what type of window you have, Lanais both for Pets and Gardens can be installed for you.

My main interest is to build Lanais for people who don't want to be restricted in location and design. I do offer measuring existing conditions required to design and build your Foundation and Lanai, including installing if so desired. However, my Lanais can be ordered and installed by professionals with construction knowledge and experience who can provide accurate measurements of the existing conditions. General and Window Contractors would be good choices. I will work closely with your professional representatives or yourself. Go to Ordering page for instructions.



​I will be making changes to this Pet Lanai giving more room for Cassy, the dog, by raising the top shelf. On the bottom I will be adding a shelve on one side and an enclosure on the other to provide entry and shelter for Shadow, the cat. 

​ This is the photo I used as model for the "Dog and Water Dragon Spirit" painting at the Home page. It's true, the Water Dragon was on a leash and is Cassy's friend Greenland.


Adelwolf PMS